In 2016, I traded Prada heels, a Manhattan high-rise apartment, and a decade-long pursuit of law firm partnership for running shoes, a used car, and an adventure in the American West with no destination, no itinerary, and no end date. I set out to resolve the lingering feeling of discontent that permeated a life that looked like a success to outsiders and, to chase curiosities, including writing, that I’d long ignored in favor of more practical pursuits. During my travels, I fell in love with Colorado's San Juan Mountains, which are now my home.

Through my writing, I hope to empower others to take chances, seek connection, and trust their own paths. I know firsthand that waiting around for something external to change our lives is likely to bring discontent. We, alone, can make that change. 

I’m currently working on a collection of linked short stories inspired by my time in Manhattan. The collection explores some of the unintended side effects of chasing success in twenty-first century America.

When I’m not writing, I’m running around the mountains, trying not fall on my backcountry skis, hiding a disc for my puppy to find, and occasionally hut keeping at the OPUS or Thelma Huts.



Photo credit:  Elise Streck

Photo credit: Elise Streck